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20.35 Africa Launches GoFundMe Campaign for Mentorship Program

20.35 Africa Launches GoFundMe Campaign for Mentorship Program

As we, 20.35 Africa, move into our fourth year, we are asking readers and the literary community to donate to our GoFundMe Campaign meant for our forthcoming Mentorship Program for emerging African poets living in Africa.

20.35 Africa—a small, dedicated team of editors and assistants—believes that there is no singular African aesthetic. Our ever-growing Anthology, Conversations, and “New Poets” series continuously reimagine what voices from the continent and the diaspora have to contribute to the literary conversation.

Now, in our next phase of growth, the Mentorship Program will feature a series of workshops wherein emerging poets will receive writing lessons and career coaching from experienced poets in the field. The program will focus on craft development and will open a space for African poets of different ages and career levels to network.

Our entry into the paying market will also allow our Collective to financially compensate our community of contributors for the Anthology and Conversations series.

“As poets, we know how tricky it can be to navigate the economy when the culture tells us that our work does not have economic value,” ” said the Nigerian poet and essayist Logan February for our campaign.

By creating a space to both nurture emerging voices and provide them with a tangible payment structure, 20.35 Africa can continue to stand as a home for robust literary support.  

Within a week of our campaign launch, we have received over $1,000 in support. Here is a breakdown of what you can help us achieve:

  • Your $50 donation pays for the annual maintenance of 20.35 Africa’s website
  • Your $75 donation pays a contributor for their poems
  • Your $100 donation pays one contributor in the Conversations series
  • Your $150 donation pays one guest editor in the Anthology series
  • Your $200 donation pays for one unit in 20.35 Africa’s overall administrative cost
  • Your $300 donation pays a facilitator in our prospective Mentorship Program

Please donate to 20.35 Africa’s GoFundMe campaign HERE.

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