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by Ernest Ogunyemi

The novelist—Open Country Mag’s December 2020 cover star—is recognized for her “unflinching, unswerving gaze,” having “charted the development of Zimbabwe from a British colony to an autocratic and troubled free state.”

by Ernest Ogunyemi

Jeremy T. Karn’s chapbook Miryam Magdalit explores grief and memory in war-time Liberia. Hauwa Shaffii Nuhu’s Sister looks at guilt, shame, and love in a family dynamic. It “feels like a dream,” Nuhu says.

by Remi Adekoya

“Historically, most mixed black and white kids have felt an affinity with black people, especially in the days when there was more racism and such kids were openly excluded or denigrated by their white family members. I also instinctively felt that affinity, though I wasn’t sure why.”

by Jamal Mahjoub

“Great music transcends all barriers. My father used to say that. The way he told it, a nation is like a band waiting for a conductor to show up. Without a leader to guide them an orchestra is just a flock of lost sheep lacking direction.”
Her debut novel, Nervous Conditions, is a modern classic, and after The Book of Not, she concludes Tambu’s story with the Booker Prize-shortlisted This Mournable Body. But the literary and film icon never planned for these to take almost four decades.
by Otosirieze Obi-Young




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