Agbowó Magazine Releases Issue 4

Themed Chaos, the 19 contributors cast doubts on the mythological truism of the act of creation, and by extension creativity.
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Agbowo Issue 4 - Chaos

Agbowó is delighted to announce the publication of its fourth issue, Chaos. Since its establishment in 2017, Agbowó has remained a platform dedicated to the curation of literary and visual art from across Africa. Over the years, several issues of the annual Agbowó magazine have featured contributors from diverse regions in the continent.

The 2021 issue offers, yet again, a kaleidoscopic view of the theme explored: chaos. Our Editor-in-Chief Moyosore Orimoloye writes:

By embracing chaos, the artists in this issue cast doubts on the mythological truism of the act of creation, and by extension creativity, being a fashioning of order out of the chaotic—out of a formless world. They attest that, as long as humans and language exist, the world remains formless.

While Bukunmi Oyewole’s photographs show that the formlessness may lie in the quotidian, Erere Onyeugbo’s “Gravity god” shows that it is present in even the most fastidiously documented and examined intimacies, and in “Ado: Cradle, Incredulities,” Bayo Aderoju leads us to what appears to be the precipice of an irrecoverable moment. 

The contributors to this year’s issue are Nnadi Samuel, Olumide Manuel, Zwelethu Machepha, Bayo Aderoju, Sodiq Oyekanmi, IFEOFDESIGN, Praise Osawaru, Sayo Ajetunmobi, Erere Onyeugbo, Mayowa Alabi, Servio Gbadamosi, Owo Anietie, Oluwatobi Poroye, Bukunmi Oyewole, Ayokunle Falomo, Shaun Pieter Clamp, Erick Manyara Mochache, James Gikonyo, and Sogallo. These contributors represent voices that we believe will continue to contribute significantly to African literature and visual arts.

This issue also features conversations between the visual artist Mayowa Alabi—whose Descent is the cover image—Agbowó’s Sheyi Owolabi, and the 3D digital artist Owo Anietie.

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As part of post-release activities for this issue, Agbowó will be hosting some events through ArtsnChill ( 

Read Agbowó’s issue 4: Chaos.

Agbowó is a common space for showcasing and celebrating African literary and visual art, and, by that measure, engendering community. It is an off-shoot of the UITES WRITE collective, founded by Habeeb Kolade and Dolapo Amusat in 2015, to showcase literary work by University of Ibadan students and alumni. We have since committed ourselves to the seeking out and amplification of emerging voices on the continent.

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