Doek! Magazine Releases Issue 6

The Namibian magazine’s latest issue, Tomorrow/Together, features, among others, contributors from Jamaica, Lesotho, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Sudan, and Tanzania for the very first time.
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Doek! Issue 6 cover.

Doek! Issue 6.

By Rémy Ngamije, Editor-in-Chief of Doek!

We, Doek! Literary Magazine, are pleased to share our sixth issue with you.

Tomorrow/Together, like the issues before it, continues Doek!‘s mission to feature contributors from Namibia alongside their continental cousins in Africa and the African diaspora. In particular, we are proud to feature contributors from Jamaica, Lesotho, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Sudan, and Tanzania for the very first time.

Tomorrow/Together contains fiction from Tessa Harris (Namibia), Abdel-Ghani Karamalla (Sudan), and Roland Watson-Grant (Jamaica).

Our nonfiction includes two conversations, one between Mubanga Kalimamukwento (Zambia) and Ishmael Beah (Sierra Leone), and the second between Zanta Nkumane (Eswatini) and Sisonke Msimang (South Africa). Personal essays were provided by Moso Sematlane (Lesotho), Sylvia K. Ilahuka (Tanzania), and Natasha Uys (Namibia).

For poetry, Ndaundike Shefeni (Namibia) and Abdel Wahab Yousif (South Sudan) are featured. Yousif was a talented poet who perished at sea in a boat of migrants last year. His estate was generous enough to make his poems available. Adil Babikir (Sudan) generously translated Yousif’s poems as well as Abdel-Ghani Karamalla’s short story.

This issue’s auralgraphs were recorded by Zerene Haddad, a Zimbabwean-born writer living in Maputo, Mozambique. The photography is provided by Keyezua (Angola). Archival images from Namibia’s past have been curated by the Basler Afrika Bibliographien Archives (Switzerland).

This cover, our first illustrated cover, is designed by Romeo Sinkala, a Zambian illustrator living and working in Windhoek, Namibia. Sinkala is also the concept designer for the 2021 Bank Windhoek Doek Literary Awards.

Read Doek!’s issue 6.

Doek! Magazine
Doek! is a free, independent, and Pan-African online literary magazine produced in Windhoek, Namibia. Founded by Mutaleni Nadimi and Rémy Ngamije, Doek! is an important step—but not the only step—towards creating a diverse, curious, and robust literary culture in Namibia. Doek! is published online three times a year: in March, July, and November. The magazine is published in English with some select content appearing in Namibia’s indigenous languages.

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