The Bank Windhoek Doek Literary Awards: The Longlist

Namibia’s first literary magazine announces the country’s first literary awards.
The Bank Windhoek Doek Literary Awards logo.

The Bank Windhoek Doek Literary Awards logo.

The Bank Windhoek Doek Literary Awards: The Longlist

The Bank Windhoek Doek Literary Awards are awarded every two years to celebrate the works of four Namibian literary artists published in Doek! Literary Magazine, Namibia’s first and only literary magazine. As part of Doek’s mission to foster a robust literary community in the country, the Awards seek to bring a wider Namibian and international audience to the selected works and literary artists.

The Concept and Logo

For 2021, the Awards’ chosen symbol is a common sight across Namibia’s vast landscapes: the windmill. It is an ingenious adaptation to the country’s arid conditions. The windmill is also a metaphorical representation of Doek’s motto and the wisdom which makes great storytelling possible: hope and optimism in spite of present difficulties.

With strong foundations in Namibia’s soil, history, and heritage, and constantly turning to face any opportunity which comes their way, Namibian literary artists bring the country’s hidden stories to local and global audiences. In sharing their craft, they also archive them for present and future generations. Designed by Romeo Sinkala, who also designed the cover of Doek!’s sixth issue, the concept will be translated into a physical award designed by Attila Giersch, an award-winning Namibian goldsmith and jeweller. Every ten years, an exhibition of the various awards shall be held to showcase these special pieces of art and the concepts that inspired their creation.

The Bank Windhoek Doek Literary Awards logo.

The 2021 Longlist

Since Issue 1: A Story Happened Here (August, 2019) to Issue 6: Tomorrow/Together (July, 2021), Namibian writers, poets, and visual artists have been adding their voices and stories to the country’s literary consciousness and finding their voice on the continent.

Arranged by section and chronological order (publishing date), the following Namibian literary artists published in Doek! Literary Magazine are longlisted for the inaugural edition of the Bank Windhoek Doek Literary Awards:


• “Subterwhere” by Ange Mucyo (Issue 1: August 2019)

• “December” by Filemon Iiyambo (Issue 4: November, 2020)

• “The Letter” by Dalene Kooper (Issue 4: November, 2020)

• “Silhouette” by Ndawedwa Denga Hanghuwo (Issue 5: March, 2021)

• “A Cure For Loneliness” by Tessa Harris (Issue 6: July, 2021)


• “The Trip North” by Kavena Hambira (Issue 1: August, 2019)

• “Is There A Doctorate In The House?” by Frowin Becker (Issue 5: March, 2021)

• “Auralgraph: Spice In The Wind” by Ndakolute Ndilula (Issue 5: March, 2021)

• “Ouma Sofie’s Gold” by Natasha Uys (Issue 6: July, 2021)


• “Slaves to Alcohol” by Verushchka Garises (Issue 2: February, 2020)

• “Drag” by Esperance Luvindao (Issue 2: February, 2020)

• “Embalming the Past” by Pedro Vorster (Issue 2: February, 2020)

• “Queens in Your Bloodline” by Ros Limbo (Issue 3: July, 2020)

• “What I Am” by Undjizuva Kaputjaza (Issue 4: November, 2020)

• “A Goddess” by Jayson Museta (Issue 4: November, 2020)

• “Green and Greening” by Pauline Buhle Ndhlovu (Issue 4: November, 2020)

• “Her Yearning Soul” by Beata Namene (Issue 4: November, 2020)

• “From the Fury of a Dying Sun” by Alacia Armstrong (Issue 5: March, 2021)

• “Yoga Practice” by Hugh Ellis (Issue 5: March, 2021)

• “Church of The Informally Settled” by Ndaundika Shefeni (Issue 6: July, 2021)

Visual Art

• “Threshold” by Nina Van Schalkwyk (Issue 3: July, 2020)

• “Gentle Alpha” by Jean-Claude Tjitamunisa (Issue 3: July, 2020)

• “Chrysalis” by Namafu Amutse (Issue 4: November, 2020)

• “Becoming Home” by Katherine Hunter (Issue 4: November, 2020)

• “Absent Normal, Normally Absent” by Selma Iilonga (Issue 4: November, 2020)

• “Fragments” by Inger Junge (Issue 4: November, 2020)

• “Carving Out a Home” by Summer Du Plessis (Issue 5: March, 2021)

• “Reach” by Immanuel Natangwe Hafeni (Issue 5: March, 2021)

Key Dates

September 1, 2021: announcement of the shortlisted writers, poets, and visual artists.

November 2021: Awards gala dinner (date and venue to be announced later).

Congratulations to all of the longlisted writers, poets, and visual artists!

Visit the Bank Windhoek Doek Literary Awards for more information.


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