The Black Ambition Prize 2023: Apply to Win $1M 

The Black Ambition Prize 2023: Apply to Win $1M 

The 2023 Black Ambition Prize is open to applications. For the third year in a row, it is giving away over $2.5M to Black, Hispanic and HBCU-affiliated entrepreneurs. Each winner gets $1M.

Black Ambition Prize recipients have achieved great success and made a significant impact in their respective industries, raising over $70M collectively. Since 2020, Black Ambition has funded 65 trailblazing entrepreneurs and supported more than 500 founders with mentorship and other resources.

They are seeking businesses in consumer products and services, healthcare, media & entertainment, technology, and web 3. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just getting started, if you’re making a difference in your community, they encourage you to apply for the Black Ambition Prize. 

Are you the next Black Ambition Prize Winner?

Register for the upcoming webinars for a deep dive on the prize application process:

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