Apply for Paramount Global’s Writers Mentoring Program

Apply for Paramount Global’s Writers Mentoring Program

As part of its ongoing commitment to create additional access, exposure and opportunity for talented and motivated writers of diverse backgrounds, Paramount’s Writers Mentoring Program is an eight-month program with a three-fold focus: It opens doors by providing opportunities for mentees to build and foster relationships with showrunners and network and studio executives. It supports emerging writers in their efforts to improve their craft by working with executive mentors. And it helps writers hone the essential interpersonal skills necessary to break in and succeed.

Each participant will be teamed with executive mentors from Paramount Global. Under the supervision of their mentors, participants will write a new writing sample. Once a week, for 16 weeks, participants will be invited to attend a small workshop-style meeting with various showrunners and other industry professionals. Speakers include agents, managers, development and current executives and showrunners. There is also a half-day mock writers room for mentees to experience the process in a safe environment.

Each participant will have help in creating a rigorous career action plan and there will be on-going support in evaluating and achieving those goals. Another important benefit of the program is the development of a close-knit peer support group that will sustain participants through the program and beyond.

It has been found that in order to derive the greatest benefit from the program, participants should be available to (1) attend a once a week evening workshop, (2) attend a half day mock writers room, and (3) have ongoing interaction with their mentors via zoom, phone or email.

Program elements such as mentoring, weekly workshops the mock writers room can be scheduled around participants’ existing work commitments.

The Paramount Writers Mentoring Program is not employment and there is no monetary compensation. It is, instead, a structured program of career development, support, and personal access to executives and the decision-making processes, with the goal of preparing aspiring writers for later employment opportunities in television.

Aspiring diverse writers with a strong desire to write for Paramount television series are encouraged to apply.


You must be 21 or older and able to work in the United States to be eligible.

All completed application materials must be received between April 1, 2023 and May 1, 2023.

Any submissions received before April 1st or after May 1st, 2023 will not be considered.

No hand delivered submissions will be accepted.

Finalists will be notified in late September 2023 (or such later date as may be determined by Paramount).

The program is scheduled to begin in October 2023 and continues through April 2024.

Paramount reserves the right to make adjustments to program schedule as necessary.

2023-2024 Writers Mentoring Program Applications are open April 1st 12:01 AM PST – May 1st 11:59 PM PST.


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