Apply to Museum of African Diaspora’s Poets-in-Residence Program

Apply to Museum of African Diaspora’s Poets-in-Residence Program

The Museum of the African Diaspora’s (MoAD) Poets-in-Residence Program provides writers with opportunities to respond to contemporary art of the African Diaspora and extend the reach of the museum through programming and educational workshops with local high school students.

MoAD is currently accepting applications for two Poets-in-Residence to participate in a four-month writing residency from September 1—December 31, 2023. 

The deadline to apply is March 13, 2023.

For the term of the residency, each resident receives: 

·        A monthly stipend of $1500 (for 4 months) 

·        Free access to the museum exhibitions, programs, and events 

·        A 10% discount on all Museum store purchases 

·        Publicity for public programs on social media 

·        Staff support for programming 

·        Access to learning more about the work of the Museum of the African Diaspora from curatorial and education staff

·        Flexible, drop-in access to MoAD and a designated workspace at the museum

Apply here.

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