Submit to Four-Four-Two, a Soccer Poetry Anthology

Submit to Four-Four-Two, a Soccer Poetry Anthology

Four-Four-Two is our attempt to dedicate a moment of poetry to the soccer game as a galvanizer of humanity and the global force of love bringing world peoples together, regardless of cultures, religions, philosophies, ideologies, and beliefs.

We believe that there is poetic rhythm in the dribbling of the ball, the formation of lines of attack, and the echoes and music from the fans’ chamber. In soccer’s rhythm, passion, and pulses, we realize our humanity in a new way in spite of the diversity, borders, and artificial boundaries we have created. We believe poetry has the right tone to capture the history, politics, psychology, and cultures of football.

For this reason, Four-Four-Two aims to anthologize new voices of poets who are also football fans. We cannot specify a definite theme. But we want an electrifying yet dynamic poem that resonates with the spirit of football in any way.

We plan to publish this anthology in 2024.

Submission Deadline: January 1, 2023.

Editors: Olajide Salawu and Rasaq Malik Gbolahan.


  • Send 1-2 poems to with the subject “Four-Four-Two”
  • Send an entry as an attachment with a small introduction in the body of your email
  • Include a short bio of 100 words max

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