Ukamaka Olisakwe. Credit: Ukamaka Olisakwe.

Ukamaka Olisakwe won the SpringNG Women Authors Prize 2021. Credit: Ukamaka Olisakwe.

The 2022 SprinNG Women Authors Prize Opens for Submissions ​

The 2022 SprinNG Women Authors Prize Opens for Submissions ​

Application for the 2022 SprinNG Women Authors Prize is open from July 1 – Sept 30, 2022.

The SprinNG Women Authors Prize (#SWAPng) ​will select two female Nigerian authors who have published full-length books in print and invest N300,000 each in purchasing, distributing, and marketing print copies of their books nationwide through our sister literary websites and events whom we collaborate with.​

We are simply looking for female Nigerian authors who have published excellent books that deserve to be promoted and supported. Only two female Nigerian authors will be selected annually for this prize. However, we will use the opportunity to promote other select authors through interviews, book reviews, newsletter promotions, and collaborations to increase their visibility in the Nigerian literary sphere.


The applicant must be a female Nigerian author between ages 21 – 45.

Applicants can only submit one book for the nomination in the select genres listed in our application.

Eligible genres: Only poetry (collection of poetry or prose poems), fiction (novels, collection of short stories), and nonfiction (memoirs and essays) are eligible for application. We are NOT ACCEPTING children’s books, plays, or drama for this prize.

The nominated book can be of any theme.

The nominated book can be self-published or released by a publisher between 2015 and September 2022.

The book nominated must be available in print for purchase in Nigeria.

There is no region-eligibility requirement for the author—meaning that the author can be a Nigerian currently residing outside the country.

Previous finalists and semi-finalists cannot reapply.

We require a self-nomination process, meaning that prospective applicants will complete the application and nominate themselves.

Application Link & FAQs

The online portal to apply for the SprinNG Women Authors Prize will open annually in July and close in September. The judges of the SprinNG Women Authors Prize will be announced in August.

Apply using or

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Important Dates

July 1: Applications for the SprinNG Women Authors Prize opens.

August: Announcement of Judges.

September 30: Applications for the SprinNG Women Authors Prize closes.

October to December: Applications will be reviewed.

December 15-30: ​Semi-finalists and prize winners will be announced.

January – March: Authors books will be distributed.

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For all questions and concerns or opportunities for donations and collaborations please send an email to and we will respond within 48hrs. All updates and additional announcements will be posted on the SprinNG website:

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